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14 March 2024

The perfect Guinness pour: Why it’s different and how to get it right

The famous Guinness pour Guinness. So famous, that everyone knows how to serve it and why the perfect...

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cellar cleaning: 11 things that affect beer quality

11 March 2024

Cellar cleaning: 11 Things that affect beer quality in the cellar (and how to fix them) + FREE checklist

“Have nothing in your pub’s cellar which you do not know to be useful or believe to be...

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18 January 2024

Powering up for charity: Avani MD’s 400km Kenyan cycling challenge

**Amanda is looking for a main sponsor to take pride of place on the front and back of...

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How to change a keg

How to change a keg

Have you ever had a moment of fear, as a keg ran dry and you realised you’re the...

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28 November 2023

Seasonal opening hours, orders, and deliveries 2023

🎅🏻 Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from the team at Avani Solutions!...

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19 October 2023

6 Frighteningly good ideas for pubs this Halloween

As autumn closes in and the nights get colder, Halloween is a great opportunity to provide punters with...

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29 September 2023

How often do I need to clean my beer lines? The 7-day rule under the spotlight

How often do I need to clean my beer lines? It’s been a mantra of the industry since...

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automated line cleaning systems

11 August 2023

Automated beer line cleaning systems: Exactly how automated are they?

The dream of fully automated beer line cleaning systems We know how much you’ve got to do and...

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2 March 2023

Visit Avani at HRC for the chance to WIN a Liberty Tower with digipod® for your venue!

Come and see us at the Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering Show, 20-22 March, Excel London for the chance...

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22 February 2023

Avani Solutions announces Only A Pavement Away as charity partner for 2023.

Avani Solutions is delighted to announce it has chosen the charity Only A Pavement Away (OAPA) as its...

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10 November 2022

Ramblers and Walkers Need Pubs as Google Searches Boom! Are You Attracting Thirsty New Customers Looking to Rest Tired Feet?

Venues in picturesque locations, historic cities, and towns with high footfall can benefit from passing trade. But if...

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Revealed: Why Young People Don't Drink Cask Ale. 3 Key Reasons

28 September 2022

Revealed: Why Young People Don’t Drink Cask Ale. 3 Key Reasons + 5 Ways to #StandUpForCask

In the second of our cask articles, we consider how to sell more beer by engaging younger drinkers....

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25 July 2022

Revealed: 4 Bad Beer Taints, How to Spot Them, and What to Do When You Find Them

Knowing how beer should taste and, almost more importantly, how it shouldn’t taste is one simple way of...

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18 July 2022

Celebrated Brew Under Threat as Cask Sales Fall by 40%! Can Real Ale Find a New Audience and Thrive?

In the first of a new series about cask ale, we explore the challenges presented by cask and...

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21 April 2022

Myth buster: Beer’s For Blokes, Not Women

This month we tackle a myth which keeps returning like a bad penny – the idea that drinking...

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11 March 2022

Snacking or send packing? The choice is yours!

Offering the right snacks can help drinkers have the best time without causing themselves, or their hosts, a...

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8 November 2021

Myth buster: Lager is for Louts

This month we look at the stereotype of the lager lout and consider if it’s a myth that...

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11 October 2021

BeerHacks: Nozzle and Fixed Tap cleaning

Cleaning nozzles and fixed taps using the Avani nozzle brush and tap ball. You’ve cleaned your lines, your...

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beer ready man in pub giving thumbs up with a pint

27 September 2021

Myth buster: Do bubbles on the glass mean it’s clean

In this month’s myth-buster we tackle the mistaken idea that bubbles clinging to the inside of a glass...

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3 August 2021

A toast to the CAMRA GBBF Trade Day

Hands up who wishes they were at Olympia today? We raise a glass to GBBF Trade Day and...

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29 July 2021

Monthly Myth-Buster: Wine with food – Beer with bar snacks?

In the first of our monthly myth-busting posts, we aim a wrecking ball at the idea that wine’s...

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UK pub

21 May 2021

What the ‘Taint’ is that – Part 4

Part 4: Welcome to the final instalment of our series on common beer taints and how to avoid...

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World Bee Day

20 May 2021

World Bee Day 2021

This World Bee Day we’d like to acknowledge the vitally important role these fuzzy insects play in supporting...

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The White Horse Lopham

19 May 2021

What the ‘Taint’ is that? Part 3

Part 3: With some notable exceptions, ‘Indoor Beer Day’ is here at last, and we’ve already had calls...

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cleaning chemicals in use cleaning nozzles

18 May 2021

What the ‘Taint’ is that? – Part 2

Part 2: We’re back with the second instalment of our series on common taints. This time, let’s take...

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cleaning chemicals

17 May 2021

What the ‘taint’ is that?

Part 1 The long-awaited re-opening date for the remainder of our great British pubs is here at long...

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beer ready man in pub giving thumbs up with a pint

12 May 2021

The Beer Whisperer

  The Beer Whisperer Behind the scenes, as our pubs re-open, you may well see a young person...

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BeerWorks Online training

19 April 2021

How to refresh great hospitality habits!

How to refresh great hospitality habits – NEW Beerista Online training Outside space? Check. Patio Heaters? Check. Blankets,...

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The White Horse Lopham

25 March 2021

Are you Beer-Ready for re-opening?

Re-opening after lockdown The most important advice to pubs which have been closed for a long time is...

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17 March 2021

New Anglia LEP and Growth Hub

If you’re planning to do some R&D, grow, expand, or diversify or need any other business support, get...

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cleaning chemicals in use cleaning nozzles

8 March 2021

International Women’s Day 2021

Did you know there’s no official record of how many female commercial brewers there are in the UK?...

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UK pub

3 March 2021

Lean times call for lean measures

Lean times call for lean measures. Change has been forced on all of us and whatever worked for...

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26 November 2020

We’re here for you.

We’re here for you. Earlier today, the UK Government revealed the new tiered restrictions for England. Rather than...

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lab cleaning equipment

2 November 2020

Lockdown #2 – Bar closure process

Bar Closure Process #2 Deciding to close the doors of your venue for a 2nd time, will be...

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Beer Keg

9 October 2020

Advice on preparing venues for a localised lockdown

Localised Lockdown Advice Follow our step by step guide on what to do with your casks, kegs and...

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avani solutions branded car

24 September 2020

Is it time to reduce your beer offering?

The new restrictions, announced by Boris on Tuesday for pubs, bars & restaurants to close by 10pm, will...

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glass of heineken beer

1 July 2020

Avani works with Heineken to launch re-start guides

We’re proud to have worked with Heineken to design and develop a series of re-start video guides that...

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two bottles of TM70 ethanol sanitiser spray

26 June 2020

BeerHack: How to make surfaces safe with TM70 ethanol sanitiser spray

Surfaces can give the appearance of being clean, even when they aren’t, risking cross-contamination and beer infections. You...

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Desana MAX CL Sachets

20 June 2020

Do you need to deep clean your beer lines?

If beer lines have been closed for a prolonged period, they will need a deep clean before re-connecting...

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beer ready man in pub giving thumbs up with a pint

9 June 2020

Are you Beer-Ready?

Over 30% of pubs left beer or water in the beer lines during closure This is according to...

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black shelf tile for glass storage

11 May 2020

Things You’ve Never Had Time To Do – Part Two: The Bar

Things You’ve Never Had Time To Do – Part Two: The Bar This guide tackles those hygiene tasks...

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lab cleaning equipment

18 March 2020

Beer range reduction advice

What do you do if you want to carry on serving beer, but the volume through the taps...

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lab cleaning equipment

17 March 2020

Help Yourselves! Industry advice on how to close down a bar temporarily

What are you doing to combat Covid-19? Deciding to close the doors of your venue must be unimaginably...

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Amical primer

13 February 2020

Long Term Mould Protection For Beer Cellars

Mould-free, long term protection with AMICAL cellar paint Why is it important to ensure beer cellars are kept...

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mould spores

13 February 2020

Can you afford to ignore mold in your cellar?

Cellars provide the perfect conditions – high humidity and cool temperatures – for mold and fungus to form....

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final haven charity run for mental health uk

27 October 2019

Last Haven Park Run at Caister-On-Sea

Car Parks & Cul-de-sacs – Amanda Thomson We did it! We set out in March to run a...

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park runners fundraising montage

18 October 2019

Park Runners On A Fundraising Mission to Run 5k Around All Haven Holiday Parks For Mental Health UK

Norfolk-based park runners Michael Harper and Amanda Thomson are putting themselves to the test by committing to running...

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avani solutions branded car

19 December 2018

We’re recruiting in the South West!

A challenging and satisfying role with plenty of variety, training and support. Ideal for someone with great interpersonal...

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man after changing keg in wrong way

13 November 2018

How NOT to change a keg!

Just because it’s simple, doesn’t stop countless people getting it wrong. If you’re getting a lot of fobbing...

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13 August 2017

TAPBALLS are now available to buy ONLINE

Coined ‘The Egg’ by BrewDog, the tapball is a rather odd-looking device designed by German boffins to solve...

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