Long Term Mould Protection For Beer Cellars

Amical primer

Mould-free, long term protection with AMICAL cellar paint

Why is it important to ensure beer cellars are kept mould-free?

It isn’t just the unpleasant damp, musty smell that comes from mould, as the spores can also cause allergies. Cask ales are also susceptible to the absorption of odours and spores, causing the beer itself to spoil.

Food hygiene regulations also require that mould is removed from food storage and preparation areas, and we all know that beer is a food.

AMICAL is a breathable wall paint. Its formulation allows the wall to ‘breathe’, unlike many cellar paints which ‘coat’ a surface rather than treat it, so that the mould continues to growth underneath. The fungicide in AMICAL wall paint is non-toxic to humans, making it ideal for cellars and other enclosed areas. It provides long term protection from mould growth.

Its colour density allows for good coverage, limiting the number of coats required, and once fully dry the surface is easily washable to remove beer spills.

High pressure hosing is not recommended.