19 April 2021

How to refresh great hospitality habits!

BeerWoeks ONLINE Training for bar teams

How to refresh great hospitality habits – NEW Beerista Online training

Outside space? Check. Patio Heaters? Check. Blankets, hot water bottles? Check. Who would have thought this would be the new norm for Pub & Bar Managers across the land?

Talking of new, the Avani team isn’t averse to the occasional adventure. We’ve been exploring how we can help you get your teams dusted down and ready to serve great beer again.

The challenge of getting your team trained while everyone stands two metres apart is going to be tricky, so we’ve created the perfect solution for you: Beerista Online – the beauty of this course is that it’s designed with both new and returning team members in mind and can be accessed anytime, anywhere!


We are passionate about quality here at Avani and it’s our mission that one day, every pint served will be perfect! So how do we share this knowledge with you? With Beerista Online, it’s all about daily beer dispense excellence. By using fun, interactive training methods, we make sure that what’s learned is unforgettable.

Lots of different personalities and learning styles in your team? Don’t worry, we also recognise that people have different learning styles, so we use a wide range of content to cater for this.

Tried and trusted

Hundreds of people in the ‘Beerista community’ – from bar teams all over the UK – have experienced our face-to-face Beerista training. Among the great feedback we’ve received, our favourite comments are about how the training increases confidence, gives an understanding of what a perfect pint should look, taste and smell like, and that attendees take away the skills to identify and, most importantly, solve common beer dispense problems.

We know that online training won’t replace practical training entirely, but it will give your bar teams a head start and certainly goes a long way towards dispelling and eliminating beer dispense myths and bad practices – and helps save you money.

What to expect

Tom is the avatar of one of our technicians and he’ll guide you through each section of the training with industry know-how, some surprising facts, wow! moments and of course vital beer dispense techniques.

Training includes:

  • Beer Styles
  • What great beer looks like
  • How (NOT) to pour a great beer
  • Glassware RULES
  • Spotting quality issues
  • Nozzle hygiene
  • How to change a keg
  • Daily and weekly routines
  • Industry best practice in beer handling
  • Downloadable handouts
  • Beerista Test


 Cost effective

Beerista Online has the added benefit of being there as and when you need it – rather than juggling team rotas to get everyone together at the same time. Prices start from £19 per person.

Maybe you’re looking for something unique to your venue. Why not give us a call to explore some options?

For full details visit https://www.avanisolutions.co.uk/training/beerista-training/ email info@avanisolutions.co.uk or if you’d prefer a chat call us on 01638 563237

We can’t wait to welcome you into the Beerista Community!


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