3 March 2021

Lean times call for lean measures

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Lean times call for lean measures.

Change has been forced on all of us and whatever worked for your business in 2020 is unlikely to work in the same way now. So it’s the perfect time to reassess how you do things and get your pub or bar in shape for re-opening.

Let’s be positive about the resilience of hospitality businesses to bounce back, but note that consumers are already thinking and behaving differently because of the pandemic. That’s why it’s vital for every pub to gear up to provide an exceptional experience for customers when they come back.

What is Lean?

It was this sort of change in thinking that transformed the car production industry of the 70s from a sluggish operation, bogged down by tasks like managing parts stock which prevented a focus on actually building cars, into the hi-tech, ‘just-in-time’, no waste or slack, manufacturing machine it is today. We need to find and apply that sort of dramatic change to the hospitality industry right now.

It wouldn’t be an artificial move. One of the best reasons for change is because you have to. Should you need another reason, how about the anticipation of a better result. In the case of pubs, the hope is we can come out of the pandemic stronger and more valued by our customers than we were before it.

Where should you start?

By stronger I mean in terms of your business being more efficient, producing less waste and focusing more energy and time on things that make your customers love you – and which generate income as a result.

If you’re wondering where to start, you could begin by considering what your customers value most and what makes your pub distinctly different. Then try to identify all the activities that you and your team undertake that either undermine or detract from that. Under an approach known as ‘lean’ management principles, these activities are considered ‘non-value-adding’ (NVA). Your aim should be to remove NVA activities entirely from your everyday practices. If that’s impossible, look for ways to reduce them instead.

Want to know more – get access to the full Lean times article here.

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