1 July 2020

Avani works with Heineken to launch re-start guides

glass of heineken beer

We’re proud to have worked with Heineken to design and develop a series of re-start video guides that give simple and clear instructions on what to do if you’ve left your lines for a prolonged period in beer, water, air or sanitiser. Advice is also given on how to prepare your cask equipment, your cellar, bar and glassware, and if you have a semi-automated line cleaning machine.

Draft Beer Re-start Guides

The Avani Solutions technical team work extensively with seasonal venues and are experienced in ‘winterising’ beer dispense systems, protecting them from infections and taints. This meant that we were able to help the brewing and hospitality industry in general with advice on how to close down beer dispense systems at short notice.

If you’re concerned about any aspect of beer quality, do drop us a line, or call us on 01638 563237.

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