October 9, 2020

Advice on preparing venues for a localised lockdown

Beer Keg

Localised Lockdown Advice

Follow our step by step guide on what to do with your casks, kegs and lines if you need to prepare your venue ready for localised lockdown.


  1. Casks on serve:
  • Sell through all existing stock

2.   Casks conditioned and hard pegged:

  • Store between 11-13 degrees, casks can be stored for a maximum of 2 weeks or up to BBE date

3.   Casks not yet conditioned:

  • Leave in cellar then condition 24 – 48 hours before re-opening


  1. Opened Kegs:
  • Sell through then move to bottled beer

2.  Unopened Kegs:

  • Leave in a chilled cellar until you re-open


  1. Cask Lines:

2.   Keg Lines:

  • Leave in beer
  • Turn off keg gas
  • Keep remote and cellar cooling on
  • Disconnect couplers, clean and sanitise with a food-grade sanitiser
  • Conduct a thorough line clean before reconnecting

We will continue to provide our services throughout the new lockdown restrictions, if you need any advice or support, please call us on 01638 563237 or email support@avanisolutions.co.uk

Continue to visit avanisolutions.co.uk to keep up to date with our latest advice.


*Guidance based on a 2-week lockdown

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