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ProClean by Avani

Extended interval beer line cleaning by the dispense hygiene professionals.

Gain control of your full line hygiene with verified beer line cleaning and transparent reporting. Avani will manage and maintain all the elements that ensure quality dispense from cellar to glass AND give you real-time feedback on the status of your lines. Meanwhile, you save money through reduced beer waste and increased beer quality.

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Service Plans

Full Service

  • Full service deep beer line clean of existing drinks dispense lines (Avani SOS)
  • Regular 4-weekly maintenance beer line cleaning of the entire dispense system and cellar area
  • Regular auditing and reporting of hygiene performance
  • Secure log in to download dashboard results
  • Fully maintained dispense system with equipment checks
  • Training support for bar team
  • Your team members can focus their attention on other value-adding activities


  • Full system deep beer line clean (Avani SOS)
  • Preparation of system for seasonal close-down
  • Monitoring of system (depending on period out-of-use)
  • Audit and report of findings
  • Technical issues reporting and liaison with (lead) brewer


  • Full system deep beer line clean (Avani SOS)
  • Audit and report of findings
  • Technical issues reporting and liaison with (lead) brewer


  • A manual, intelligent beer line cleaning process ensures our beer quality technicians understand the unique conditions and challenges of your dispense system
  • Flexible beer line cleaning schedules from 2-weekly to 6-weekly are based on your dispense system, beer range and individual line health
  • A professional diagnostic process identifies the root cause of on-going quality and dispense issues
  • Our unique Avani SOS provides an excellent base level beer line clean, particularly in hard water areas
  • We work with your team to promote the importance of daily hygiene
  • We can provide specialist on-site BeerWorks training for all your bar team members
  • You can log in at any time to review your real-time dashboard of hygiene, giving you excellent and meaningful data to compare with yield performance
  • We only use the highest quality specialist DESANA beer line cleaning chemicals approved by line manufacturers and brewer technical services
  • We liaise closely with brewer and technical services to ensure the best conditions for quality beer dispense
  • We use specialised products and procedures for closing down seasonal bars (‘Winterisation’)
  • We adapt our cleaning frequency to the condition of your dispense systems – quality is paramount

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