Fundamentally, we’re a service organisation.

Even if all you want from us is a product, delivered to the right place, right price and on time – we still want you to experience excellent service.

Our customers are brewer-manufacturers, pub groups, technical services teams, the licensed trade and drinks wholesalers throughout the UK and Ireland.

  • We are meticulous in our detail
  • We do what we say we’ll do
  • We do the right thing
  • We respect people
  • We love learning
  • We have fun
About Avani Solutions

Who we work with

We build lasting relationships with our suppliers, our customers and our stakeholders.

The team


Amanda Thomson

Managing Director

I don’t want a super-power, but a time-machine would be very handy. I’d have a pint with Boudicca, fearsome and fearless lady! And I reckon Meryl Streep would play me in a movie of my life – she can’t sing that well either…



Michael Harper

Head of Technical Services

My superpower would be to read minds, though this might be less a blessing and more a curse at times. I’d love to have a beer with Churchill as my inspirational figure, and if someone’s going to play me in a film about my life, well that has to be Nick Frost – no time in make-up for him!


Head of Meet & Greet

I’ve got cuteness as a super-power completely licked. If someone were to play me in a film of my life it would have to be Liam Neeson to channel my inner Irishness.


Lucy Leggett

Team Administrator

My superpower would be teleportation so I could miss all traffic and have longer in bed! My favourite movie is ‘Hector and the Search for Happiness’ as it makes you realise what is important and when to just laugh. On a desert Island I would take my pillow – or a bottle of whisky. Neither seem practical but I would want to be comfortable!


Debbie Watson

Sales Administrator

My superpower would have to be Super Nan as my grandchildren think I am their best mate and can do everything with them including climbing trees, playing sports and all the Barbie and Ken voices. The Bodyguard is my favourite film, I have always loved the story & of course Kevin Costner. However, my second favourite is Shrek so you can see I am not a connoisseur. I would like to go for a pint with Winston Churchill as back through time I admired the way he ran the country through the 2nd World War. Although I would rather have a nice glass of Bordeaux or Merlot with him.

Jackie Williamson

Office Administrator

If I could go for a pint with any historical figure, it would have to be George Best. We could talk about football and he was easy on the eye! My favourite film is the Knights Tale, all of my family love this film. Lastly, my superpower would be invisibility. I could be so nosey!

Beer Quality Technician

Matt Russell

Head of UK Sales

My super power would have to be enhanced intelligence and my favourite movie is Pulp Fiction, classic Tarantino. If I could have a drink with any deceased figure it would have to be Elvis as we could sing and drink for hours! Lastly, if I could take any item to a desert island it would have to be a hammock, for that perfect nights sleep.

Beer Quality Technician

Evan Thomas

Marketing Manager

I would love to have a drink with Dwight D. Eisenhower, former President of the USA and celebrated General during WWII. He was a political genius, supreme strategist, communicator and leader. For my favourite film it would have to be Ran. It’s based on King Lear and is a sweeping Japanese epic by Akira Kurosawa. They used 200 horses and 1400 suits of armour which were designed by the director himself. Also, he hand-painted the storyboards years before filming! Lastly, Rufus Sewell would play me in a movie about my life.


Phil Reeve

Beer Quality Technician - East Anglia

I’d want time-travel as a super power. And on that theme, my favourite film is ‘Back To The Future’. Ever practical, if stranded on a desert island, I’d like a sailing dinghy please. But if I have the super power then I suppose I wouldn’t need it. I’d want Larry David to play me, perfect casting.


Rob Parham

Beer Quality Technician - South East

I’d want Jedi powers – and a beer with Carrie Fisher. If stranded on a desert island I’d like a power boat but that’s probably not playing the game, so a Swiss Army knife would be the next option. Who’d play me? Lee Mack.


Allan McKellar

Beer Quality Team Leader - Scotland

My favourite film is Top Gun. Great cinematography, great soundtrack & ‘The Cruise’ before he went weird. Have you watched Bear Grylls, The Island? I’d need a lighter – got to get that fire going. And to play me, I feel Simon Pegg would do a great job.


Chris Cowey

Beer Quality Technician - Scotland

I’d like absolute infallibility as a super-power, but that might make the “Desert Island Survival For Dummies” book a bit redundant. Best film ever, The Usual Suspects, with that cinematic middle finger of an ending. I think Jason Mamoa should play me, but he’d have to slim down a bit first.


Mattia Foschetti

Beer Quality Technician - Scotland

My favourite movie is “The Blues Brothers”, I’ve always loved it for the amazing music and the 2 inspired leading actors, and it reminds me of my uncle who watched it with me countless times. I’d have a pint with Ernest Hemingway, and I think Jack Black would do a good job at playing an older version of me.

Lewis Peacock

Beer Quality Technician - South

My superpower would be the ability fly – basically to avoid the M25 traffic. If I were deserted on a desert island, I’d want a good book to read, then I’d fly home using my superpower… My favourite film is most definitely Shawshank Redemption and if I could have a pint with anyone from the past, it would be Nikola Tesla.


Tom Griffiths

Beer Quality Technician - Scotland

Universal communication would be my superpower, being able to speak to anyone or anything. And if I were stuck on an island I could ask a passing dolphin for help too. Otherwise it’s an axe for my one item. I love Jurassic Park; saw it in the cinema as a kid and dreamt of dinosaurs ever since. But if my life were a movie, cast Patrick Stewart, as he could order a fish finger sandwich with gravitas.

Struan Reekie

Beer Quality Technician - Scotland

I’d go for flight as my super-power, so I could get away for some sun whenever I wanted – holidays allowing 🙂 My favourite film is Die Hard – welcome to the party, pal! And if I could go for a pint with someone from the past, it would have to be George Best, never going to stop at one pint with him!


Alex Harper

Beer Quality Technician - North London

I’m reliably informed Rhys Ifans would play me in a film and if I could have a beer with anyone in history it would be Robin Williams as he was the nicest, most hilarious guy. My desired superpower would be Dr Manhattan’s matter manipulating abilities so that I can cleanse and fix every aspect of your dispense system immediately and drive home in a Mustang. This would also come in handy on my desert island where I’d never run out of beer.


James Cowley

Beer Quality Team Leader - East

I know this is a popular one, but my superpower would be to fly, just to get to places fast. On a desert island I would take the one thing I need in life – a rugby ball. And I think Will Ferrell would play me in a movie, he’s funny but daft and he’s got a terrible curly top, so just like me then.


David Chandler

Beer Quality Technician - South West

I love sharks, so it’s no surprise my all time favourite film is Jaws. What would I take with me on a desert island?? I would take a netball and call him Wilson 😉 and if I could go for a pint with someone from the past, it would have to be Tommy Cooper, can imagine it would be a laugh a minute! My super power would have to be to fly, so I could get to places whenever I wanted, and I could see things I probably have never seen before.
Mark Trathen

Mark Trathen

Beer Quality Technician - Devon/Cornwall

If I was stuck on a desert island, I would like a fermentation kit so I could make rum, although I don’t know if that counts as one item! My favourite film is Spy Game, I just love it, the twists keep you fixated even after you have watched it a dozen times. And who would play me in a movie? It would have to be Mark Ruffalo.


Tony Keen

Beer Quality Technician - South

Well, I am a Marvel nut so I would have to have a pint with Stan Lee! Give me a machete if I was ever marooned on a desert island. I would like to be able to fashion some tools and live comfortably. If I could have any super power it would definitely be invisibility as it would be perfect for playing pranks!

Dan Turner

Dan Turner

Beer Quality Technician - Midlands

My favourite film is “Gladiator” why… because Maximus is an absolute machine! I would probably go for a pint with Churchill as I’m sure he would have a good story or two and Dolph Lundren would play me in a movie, he’s big and blonde but not quite as good looking as me. Lastly, if I was stranded on a desert island my item would have to be a volleyball called Wilson.


Adam Parker

Beer Quality Technician - North West

The one item I would take if I was stranded on a desert island is the biggest box of matches I could find. Fires for cooking, warmth and a signal to hopefully get rescued! My superpower probably isn’t very useful if I was to fight a villain, but I would love the power to eat anything I wanted without getting fat. And a deceased figure I would like to go for a pint with? Jesus, but I heard he’s more of a wine guy.

Sean Betts

Sean Betts

Beer Quality Technician - Wales

My superpower would be like the character, Magneto. The ability to control metals! I think that would be a pretty awesome superpower to have.Favourite movie(s) would be Lord of the Rings. 11 Oscars for Fellowship of the Ring alone. Enough said! If I was unfortunate enough to be stranded on a desert island, I’d want a water purification kit to hand! If I could have a pint with any historical figure, it would probably be J.R.R Tolkien. With an imagination like his, I bet he’d have some amazing stories to tell!

Beer Quality Technician

Lewis Snowling

Beer Quality Technician - London

If I was stranded on a desert island I would take a huge bottle of rum so I could make pina coladas with all the coconuts on the island. My favourite film is Human Traffic because it reminds me of all the music I grew up with and the rave scene I missed out on. Kurt Cobain would be someone I would love to have a drink with and hopefully we will end the night rocking out! Lastly, Ryan Gosling would play me in a film as I am regularly told I look like him.

Danny Wroe

Beer Quality Technician - North

If I had a superpower, mine would be the classic ability to fly. I could then go where ever I wanted whenever I wanted! I would take an axe with me onto a desert island as it’s amazing what you can achieve with one. Chef is my favourite film, partly because it’s a feel good film and the soundtrack is amazing. Lastly, Johnny Depp would play me in a film as we look quite similar.


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