Beer Line Cleaning

If you close your venue well, there’s every chance you’ll re-open without a hitch too

Take stock of the hygiene condition of your cellar, beer lines, glassware and bar equipment – in fact, all aspects that affect beer quality. You’ll want to make sure that everything is in pristine condition. This is the time to ensure you trouble-shoot any technical faults and get them booked in with your service provider.

With customers’ taste buds being re-trained to appreciate bottled and canned beer – it’s vitally important that your draught beer lives up to expectations.

Check the 3 steps to becoming ‘beer-ready’ below Ready – Get Set – Let’s Go!

How can Avani help?

If you’re reopening after winterisation or other seasonal closure, we’re here to help – so if you have more questions than answers about how to be beer-ready, do get in contact.

Avani Beer-Ready Service

Avani is uniquely experienced in preparing and treating hibernated beer systems. We’ll be hands-on in getting you beer-ready, starting with a thorough SOS deep clean on your entire beer dispense system, and checking for any faults that might affect the quality of dispense. All you’ll have to do is ‘get-set’ and go!

Our technicians will conduct a deep clean of your beer lines, and tailor this according this to the condition of your systems. Are you in a hard water area? Have you left your lines in water? Are you considering reducing your range of taps on serve? We can address all these issues.

After the specialist treatment, we will also leave your system in AIR, allowing you to re-open your system in your own time and at a date that suits you.

To request a quote for the Beer-Ready service, call us on 01638 563237, or fill in the email form below.

Avani Beer-Ready DIY kit

This is your DIY option to clean your beer lines and includes 10 sachets (makes 90-100L of cleaning solution) of Desana MAX CL, our most powerful colour change beer line cleaner PLUS a free consultation worth £35 with an Avani Beer Quality Technician.

These are the absolute must-haves to getting your draught system in great shape and we’ve squeezed them into this money-saving kit:

  • 10 x Desana MAX CL 70g sachets
  • 1 x keg brush
  • 2 x nozzle brushes
  • 1 x TM70 sanitiser spray
  • 1 Avani bucket 6 Litre
  • 1 x pair nitrile gloves
  • 2 x litmus booklets
  • 1 x colour chart
  • 1 x instruction sheet
  • 1 x free consultation with an Avani Beer Quality Technician around your site – you decide what you want help with

Buy the Avani Beer-Ready Kit and book your consultation with an Avani technician.

beer ready man in pub giving thumbs up with a pint

Avani BeerHacks are a FREE online resource of handy ‘how to’ videos targeted at beer quality best practice, including ‘Things You’ve Never Had Time To Do. Part 1: The Cellar

What to do when you have 1 Week To Go!

This is the final countdown before re-opening and most of the hard work has already been done. It’s time to consider what the first few weeks of trading will look like, and whether it’s right to connect up all taps and beer brands from Day One. Any technical faults should be sorted by now. See below our ‘Get Set’ checklist:

On your Beer-Ready checklist should be:

  • Review beer range and consider a temporary range reduction
  • Order stock including gas
  • Flush lines out with water and blow to air
  • Check remote coolers are working and water baths are clear
  • Receive stock into cellar and organise
  • Turn on cellar cooling

See below for your ‘Let’s Go!’ checklist.

To get ‘Beer-Ready’, contact the Avani team on 01638 563237 or email us using the form.

In the last 3 days before re-opening:

You don’t want any last minute surprises, and you’ll have plenty of other non-beer related tasks to deal with so make sure the following are on your to-do list:

  • Condition cask ales
  • Connect keg beers and pull through to taps
  • Turn on remote coolers at least 48 hours before opening
  • Check and approve beer quality including casks
  • Train/refresh staff on beer quality standards

Beer-Ready Service Enquiry

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