33cm Black Shelf Tile For Bar Glass Storage

Quality square, black tiles interlock to help excellent air circulation


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Supplied individually, these 33cm x 33cm square tiles blend into the background to provide unobtrusive air circulation for your bar glasses.

The mats can interlock to prevent movement and, unlike the rolls of shelf liner, are deep enough to result in excellent air flow under stored glasses.

We recommend that mats are periodically removed before cleaning down shelves with odour-free cleaning solution and sanitizer.

Product features

  • Supplied individually 33cm square black tiles
  • Sturdy, hard-wearing
  • 12mm high

Product benefits

  • Far superior to the mesh netting that is often used in bars - these mats prevent any beer spills from recontaminating the rim of stored glasses
  • Any condensation or rinse water remaining after glass cleaning will clear from the glasses, leaving clean and odour-free glasses


black shelf tile for glass storage

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