Avani Nozzle Brushes – Pack of 10

A bar essential - perfect for the daily cleaning of removable beer nozzles


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Poor nozzle hygiene affects beer quality, contributing to off-flavours. Creamer plates are liable to clog up with dried beer and screw threads become sticky with beer residue, yeast and bacteria.

Leaving nozzles to soak in water (it doesn’t matter what kind of water – soda water seems to be the industry preference) is not ‘cleaning’. That container of water becomes a huge petri dish of yeasts and bacteria, which leave a layer of slime on nozzles.

The simplest and most effective way to clean nozzles daily is to run them under clean warm water and brush away any residue from the inner surfaces using the Avani Nozzle Brush. The end of each brush has a soft, absorbent pad which can be used to clean creamer plates.

They come in packs of 4 or 10.

Product features

  • Firm nylon bristles will not scratch or damage nozzles
  • Soft, absorbent pad on end for cleaning creamer plates


Watch our Snippet on how to clean beer nozzles.
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