Clipper Mats – Glass Mats x 10

Ten thick plastic mats designed to allow air to circulate around beer glasses. Available in Black or White


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It’s important that air is allowed to circulate around upturned glasses, to prevent unwanted condensation and smells. Because the rim of the glass is the part that touches the customer’s mouth, these mats are a bar essential.

They clip together easily and can be cut to fit any space to create maximum storage space for glasses.

Each mat measures 205mm x 305mm


Make sure that shelves are washed down periodically with an odour-free cleaning solution – do not use furniture polish. Spray with a sanitizer such as TM-70 food-grade spray. Wipe down matting to remove any dust and debris and replace back on clean shelves.

Product features

  • Plastic lattice matting in packs of 10 (30.5cm x 20.5cm each)
  • Mats elevate beer glasses off shelves to create air circulation
  • Adaptable to fit any shelf configuration
  • Washable and hard-wearing
  • Available in black or white

Product benefits

  • Far better than shelving roll, which tends to stick to shelves and provides very little air circulation
  • Tidy, hard-wearing and fit for purpose


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Clipper Mats for glass storage£4.99

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