TM70 Alcohol Based Food-Safe Sanitizing Spray

Food and beer-safe sanitizing spray with 70% alcohol for surface cleaning

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A handy food-safe sanitizing spray that is also beer-safe for the best cellar hygiene. It kills 99.99% of germs – a cellar and bar-tap essential!

With 70% ethanol content, this spray can be used to sanitize any surfaces, thereby disabling harmful germs and viruses – such as coronavirus. Note that this product contains no emolients so is liable to have a drying effect on skin.

Pack Size:
1 x 250ml bottle with spray (use undiluted and allow to dry – DO NOT WIPE OFF)

1000ml alternative available


  • Disinfecting spray based on 70% ethanol
  • Applied as a concentrate – no need to rinse off
  • Disables certain types of viruses, such as Coronavirus that can be spread by contact
  • Kills most bacteria within a few seconds, at room temperature
  • Approved by the Federal Institute for food examination and research, Vienna (Lebensmitteluntersuchungsanstalt)
  • Must not be applied on acrylic glass (plexi-glass)!

Product benefits

  • Spray into each tap nozzle every evening before closing
  • Use to sanitize keg spears, coupling heads and cleaning sockets
  • Beer-proof – no negative effect on taste of the beverage