Desana MAX FP Chlorine-Free Beer Line Cleaner 90g Sachets

Eco-friendly and powerful chlorine-free beer line cleaner


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Eco-friendly, fast rinsing beer line clean with accurate colour change for efficient cleaning of beer lines – CHLORINE-FREE. Ideally suited to cleaning cask ale lines – and would work well in marine locations, such as bars on ships and ferries, and sites that are not on mains drainage.

A chlorine-free dispense system cleaner designed for regular use to maintain a high level of hygiene in drinks dispensing equipment. Ideal for small bars with up to 4 lines and for ad hoc cleaning of cask lines & taps, coupling heads and nozzles.

Sachet Size:

Case Size:
16 sachets


  • Surfactant-free formulation that cleans AND disinfects with Active Oxygen
  • 11 times less weight than liquid - ecological to ship and store
  • Single dose powder sachets
  • Powder dissolves quickly and easily
  • Fast-acting removal of soiling
  • Efficient and intelligent cleaning verifies hygiene levels with PURPLE-GREEN colour-change technology
  • Environmentally Friendly - only water left in drained solution
  • 36 month shelf-life

Product benefits

  • Excellent product for cleaning cask ale taps - no risk of chlorophenol taints
  • Accurate dosing assures the user of a quality and cost-effective clean
  • Excellent hygiene controls - when it's purple, you know your lines are genuinely clean
  • Easy to ship, store and handle
  • Chlorine free - only water drains away so compatible with non-mains drainage systems
  • Save time and water due to quick rinsing


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