Vikan Tank Brush

Ideal for cleaning your 50L beer line cleaning bottle - Ø135 mm diameter brush head


Can't function without

Vikan Aluminium Handle Ø25mm

Vikan Colour coded handle 1260mm for use with Deck Scrub Brush & Tank Brush Ø25mm.

Brushes sold separately.

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Keeping the inside of your beer line cleaning 50 Litre wash bottle is practically impossible without this handy tool! Used in conjunction with the Vikan aluminium handle, the stiff bristles on this 13.5cm wide brush make light work of chemical and limescale build-up on the inside of the vessel.

It’s lightweight and can be removed and exchanged for a different cleaning head on the Vikan aluminium handle, making it part of a versatile and cost-effective cellar hygiene solution. The round head and stiff bristles also make this an effective way of reaching into corners of your cellar to remove unwanted beer spills.


Always make sure that you thoroughly clean the Vikan tank brush before and after use. This will avoid cross-contamination and maximise the life of your tank brush.

Product features

  • 33mm medium bristles
  • Ideal for cleaning beer line cleaning wash bottles
  • Can be used with the telescopic aluminium handle
  • Can be used with the aluminium handle 25mm


Always add a measured amount of chemical to less than the full quantity of clean water needed. Mix in the chemical by adding the remaining water. For full training on the safe handling of beer line cleaning chemical at point of use, see the Beerista workshop. Always wear PPE.
There are two sorts of purple beer line cleaner;
  1. those that are 'intelligent' and change colour in accordance with the amount of contamination in a beer line,
  2. and those that are imitation beer line cleaners with a purple or blue dye - this second category do not change colour and are liable to mislead the user into thinking their beer lines are clean.
Desana VERIFY and MAX powders are the most powerful, accurate and reliable 'intelligent' colour-change chemicals, allowing an extremely thorough cleaning result. Less reliable chemicals can give false readings.
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