Beerista Workshop

The Beerista workshop is designed in collaboration with our brewing partners and delivered by specialists to build excellence and professionalism in beer dispense. Forget 'line cleaning training' because this operates on a whole different level.

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Who it’s designed for

Whether this is a refresher for the experienced, or to establish best practice among team members or to train new staff, this workshop offers an essential toolbox.

  • Beer ambassadors
  • Bar managers
  • Bar staff

How to book the Beerista workshop

We offer bespoke training in-house, using your own cellar equipment. We take into account the range of beverages that you sell, the individual and specific challenges provided by your working environment and the overall message that you want to communicate to your staff.

The Beerista workshop is designed and delivered by specialists to build excellence and professionalism in dispense, and to empower staff to take action to resolve quality issues as soon as they happen, safely and effectively.

Tailored to your team’s specific skill levels and unique dispense environment(s), we deliver the workshops on your sites.

Participants will:

  • Understand and recognise what quality beer looks and tastes like
  • Explain the wider impacts of quality (or lack of it)
  • Be able to recognise the signs when there are dispense issues
  • Take action to isolate and resolve those causes that are safely within their control
  • Be able to conduct a manual line clean (cask and keg)
  • Know what ‘clean’ looks like when cleaning lines and nozzles
  • Follow a simple daily bar hygiene routine including ice machine and glasswasher care
  • Take pride and responsibility for delivering great beer to customers

About the workshop

The workshop is designed in short, punchy sections to aid memory and adoption of new practices, and lasts a total of 5 hours including practical sessions. We distinguish between ‘talking about’ and ‘doing’, and recognise that real performance improvement comes from converting knowledge into behaviour change.

Participants gain:

  • Practical hands-on experience of diagnosing and resolving dispense quality issues
  • Confidence and experience of handling line cleaning chemicals using appropriate health & safety guidelines
  • The ability to verify when lines and nozzles are genuinely clean

Participants who are able to demonstrate a successful application of learning through doing will receive a Beerista Certificate.

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