Vikan Aluminium Telescopic Handle

For use with a range of Vikan cleaning heads


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Keeping your bar and cellar clean is an important part of running your venue. Having the right tools to make this easy and efficient is key. This Vikan Aluminium Telescopic handle is the perfect tool for the job.

Bar and kitchen floors endure a lot of foot traffic, spillages, and general dirt. They need to have something that is lightweight and durable to clean them effectively. The durability of this handle comes from the material it is made from. This aluminium handle can be used with multiple different products making it incredibly versatile and suitable for all types of floor surface and dirt. It reduces the need for multiple different handles and is easily stored. The handle is telescopic making it ideal for cleaning harder to reach areas such as walls and ceilings. Because it is extendable, it reduces health and safety risk as it makes them easier to reach without steps.

The handle is designed to be comfortable for the user and to make the task of cleaning easier. It has a loop at the end to make storing the handle away from the floor and on a hook much easier. It can also be stored in the Vikan wall bracket, so it is off the floor and out of the way of your staff. This ensures good hygiene practice and extends the handle life.

It is suitable for use with the following Vikan products:

  • Vikan Tank Brush
  • Vikan Deck Scrub Brush
  • Vikan Plastic Mop Bucket with Strainer
  • Vikan Hygiene Mop Head
  • Vikan Hygiene Floor Squeegee 500mm

Keeping a clean and tidy bar and cellar area are every bit as important to serving the perfect pint as the beer line cleaning. This aluminium telescopic handle is a perfect match for this as it is versatile, lightweight, and durable. Pairing it with multiple Vikan products means it can be used in the bar, kitchen and cellar areas.

Product features

  • Click handle, 990 - 1830 mm, Ø26 mm
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • Suitable for Meat Mincer Brush & Deck Scrub Brush


Aluminium Telescopic Handle

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