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50 Litre Non Pressurised Line Cleaning Bottle

50 Litre Non Pressurised Line Cleaning Bottle, COMPLETE with cap and tube


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When cleaning your beer lines, it is vital you have the right equipment. This non-pressurised 50-litre cleaning bottle will enable you to efficiently clean your lines which are served by a non-gas pressure-driven system.

It includes a dip tube and non-pressurised cleaning cap and is made from food-grade polyethylene. This makes the 50-litre cleaning bottle both durable and hard-wearing.
It is also safe to be used with the water and chemical you are introducing to the beer lines, as it is suitable to be in contact with consumable food and drink products.

Usage instructions and health and safety guidance for your wash bottle:
1. Always make sure that your wash bottle is clean before starting the line cleaning process
2. Do not pour chemicals into an empty wash bottle. Always add some water first
3. Store your wash bottle upside down to allow it to drain between cleaning cycles
4. Never leave the chemical solution in the wash bottle when you have finished the clean
5. Never put your face near/above the opening when mixing chemicals in your wash bottle
6. Always make sure you are wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment when completing your line cleaning and using your wash bottle.


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