Beer-Ready Kit with Avani technician support

All the essential bar and cellar cleaning equipment to get you 'beer-ready' PLUS a 20-minute virtual tour with an Avani technician


The countdown to re-opening has begun, and the Avani team are here to support you to serve great quality beer from day 1. The steps you take to be ‘beer-ready’ will determine whether you open a can of worms… or without a hitch.

Are you ‘beer-ready’? Take stock of the hygiene condition of your cellar, beer lines, glassware and bar equipment – in fact, all aspects that affect beer quality. It’s likely your bar has never been out of use for so long, so you’ll want to make sure everything’s in pristine condition. This is the time to ensure you trouble-shoot any technical faults and get them booked in with your service provider.

With customers’ taste buds being re-trained to appreciate bottled and canned beer, it’s vitally important that your draught beer lives up to expectations.

We’ve thought about the absolute must-haves to getting your draught system in great shape and have squeezed them into this money-saving kit. It includes 10 sachets of Desana MAX CL (our most powerful colour change beer line cleaner) which make up 100 litres of cleaning solution, a kit of great support tools PLUS a 20-minute virtual tour of your cellar and bar with an Avani technician.

How to book your virtual Beer-Ready tour: Once you’ve bought your Beer-Ready kit, book your date and time slot with our office, and you will receive simple instructions on how to use one of three free communication platforms (Zoom, Whatsapp or FaceTime). You’ll be able to take your Avani technician into any areas of beer dispense where you have concerns about beer quality.

The Beer-Ready Kit contains:

Product features

  • A 20-minute Beer-Ready virtual tour with your Avani technician - take them into the cellar and/or bar for advice on how to get 'beer-ready'
  • 10 sachets Desana MAX CL 70g colour change beer line cleaner (makes up approx 100 Litres of cleaning solution)
  • 250ml TM70 ethanol based sanitising spray, effective at killing 99.99% of bacteria and envelope viruses such as coronavirus
  • 1 keg brush, to clean couplers, sockets, keg spears and other cellar equipment
  • 1 Avani bucket 6 Litre - ideal shape for use in the bar as it sits on most drip trays and white background is essential for use with colour change chemical
  • 2 Litmus booklets (40 sheets in total) to ensure lines are clear of chemical before connecting to beer
  • 1 pair nitrile safety gloves for use when handling chemical
  • 2 nozzle brushes with soft ends to clean nozzles and sparklers and tapered to get into screw threads
  • 1 Avani colour chart with usage instructions for Desana MAX CL
  • 1 step-by-step instruction leaflet