8 May 2020

Things You’ve Never Had Time To Do… Part 1: The Cellar

keg brush in use

Things you’ve never had time to do – Part 1: The Cellar

Recommendations for how to raise the bar on beer quality

This is a rare opportunity to take stock of what’s happening in your cellar(s) and tackle any issues that could affect beer quality and efficient service.

As a summary, here are our recommended actions, but for a fuller list, please feel free to download the handout that accompanies this post:

1. De-clutter your cellar, removing anything non-beer related
2. Replace broken taps and garden hoses – only use food-grade materials to avoid unwanted taints
3. Clear drains and sumps
4. Check condition of remote coolers – if the water is cloudy, this will need to be cleared properly by your tech services support (just emptying the water bath will not prevent re-growth of algae). Remember, algae and bacteria will make your cooler inefficient, and could also contribute to clogging of the recirculation lines & pump.
5. Clean cellar cooling vents and heat dumps
6. Deep clean water bottle – and throw out any that are damaged or liable to pass contamination onto the beer dispense system
7. Clean, (paint) and re-label backboard – remove beer spatters and make sure it is clear which fob relates to which product
8. Clean floors & walls – if you have black mould in your cellar(s), this is a health hazard, and can contaminate cask ales. Make sure all mould is cleared using a solution of chlorine (beer line cleaner that contains sodium hypochlorite, for example) and consider treating the walls with an anti-fungal paint such as AMICAL to prevent re-growth
9. Check cellar insulation – at the very least, make sure you’re able to keep cold air in, and warm air out of your cellars. But this is also an opportunity to check over the condition of all pipework that is visible to ensure lagging is providing adequate insulation
10. Record all faults on cellar equipment – make a visual inspection of all couplers, fobs and cleaning sockets and make sure any broken and/or leaking parts are recorded

Prepare a fault list so that jobs can be dealt with as and when tech services are available.

If you have any questions about this or any other aspects of beer quality, do get in touch by emailing info@avanisolutions.co.uk

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