Vikan Easyshine Mop Kit

Vikan Easyshine Kit with Flexible Mop Frame in grey


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The Vikan Easy Shine Kit with flexible mop frame is a complete solution for cleaning windows, mirrors, tiles, stainless steel, white boards, and other high gloss surfaces, including curved surfaces such as such as bathtubs, curved plastic seats and vehicle windows.
The Vikan Easy Shine kit includes:
• 5 Window Mops
• 5 Lustre Cloths
• 1 Spray Bottle
• 1 Ultra Flex Mop Frame
• 1 Telescopic Handle
It is the complete package to ensure you are keeping the floors in your bar and kitchen as clean as possible.
The Vikan window mop is designed to clean all types of hard surfaces with high demands on cleaning efficiency and hygiene. They are perfect for cleaning:

• Large tiled areas (Cellar floors, kitchen or bar floors)
• Glasses
• Mirrors
• Windows

Fine knitted ultra microfibre provides large contact area between the cloth and cleaning surface. For better efficiency in cleaning, make sure the majority of the cloth is in contact with the surface you are cleaning. This makes it extremely efficient at cleaning mirrors and glass where the dirt is very visible.

The Vikan Easy Shine lustre cloth is designed for cleaning all types of hard surfaces. Avoid any contact with solvents, strong acid or alkaline products.
The cloth has a high hygiene level and a 100% reduction in spots and marks on your surfaces.

The telescopic handle has been specially designed to assist in cleaning vertical surfaces such as walls, windows, and other surfaces around your venue. The adjustable handle means that it can be used to reach those higher hard to reach places. It’s lightweight making it easy to use. It is made from polypropylene and anodised aluminium, making it hard-wearing and durable.

The ultra-flex mop frame has been designed to clean flat surfaces such as floors, walls and ceilings, as well as curved surfaces such as plastic seating, revolving doors and bathtubs. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used around many different areas of your venue.

Product features

  • Complete solution for cleaning multiple surfaces
  • Suitable for curved areas such as baths, plastic seats and vehicle windows
  • High quality microfibre mops & cloths


easyshoine mop kit

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