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The Vikan microfibre starter kit comes complete with everything you need to get the floors in your venue pristine and clean. To us, this is as vital to great customer satisfaction as serving the perfect pint.

The Vikan microfibre starter kit includes:

• 1 x Telescopic handle
• 1 x Composite mop frame
• 5 x Microfibre mops
• 2 x 5 Original microfibre cloths (5 in red and 5 in blue)

The telescopic handle is designed to be comfortable for the user and to make the task of cleaning easier. It can easily be adjusted with the touch of a button making it easier to achieve the correct working height and to reduce the strain on the user’s back.

The composite Velcro mop frame is designed for professional cleaning and to be used with the telescopic handle. It features exchangeable Velcro and is suitable for cleaning floors, walls and ceilings.

The microfibre mops are designed to clean medium to heavy messes on smooth floor surfaces. The raised microfibre strips on the mop cut through tough dirt and the fringe collects heavier dirt particles. The sturdy construction of the mop combines absorbent viscose with microfibre to lock in moisture to enhance/extend coverage.

The microfibre cloths remove up to 99.9% of bacteria with their unique cleaning properties. They are perfect for regular maintenance cleaning on all types of surfaces with high demands on cleaning and hygiene.
The cloth works by attracting the dirt and drawing it via capillary action or static electricity.
If you use the microfibre cloth dry, it can pick up the tiniest dust and dirt particles. If used damp, it absorbs dirt and grease through capillary action.

The Vikan microfibre starter kit is a high-quality kit that is designed to make cleaning easier and more efficient for your venue. It has everything you need to maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness.

Product features

  • The telescopic handle is easily adjusted with a simple button
  • Replaceable head
  • The mop cleans medium to heavy messes on smooth floor surfaces


Microfibre Mop Kit

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