Vikan Deck Scrub Brush

Ideal for heavily soiled areas


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Keeping a clean and tidy bar and cellar area is every bit as important to serving the perfect pint as the beer line cleaning. The Vikan Deck Scrub Brush ideal for cleaning heavily soiled areas – such as cellar floors, bars and toilet facilities. Clean around equipment and against walls and comply with HACCP principles with this colour-coded Deck/Wall Scrub. It features angled bristles around the perimeter and a rounded, compact design for improved durability.

The product is suitable for contact with the following types of food under the intended and foreseeable conditions of use:

Your Vikan deck scrub brush should always be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilised, as appropriate before use and should always be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilised after use. This will minimise the risk of microbial growth and cross-contamination. It will also maximise the efficiency and durability of your Vikan deck scrub brush.

The Vikan deck scrub brush is designed to be used with our telescopic aluminium handle. The handle is designed to be comfortable for the user and to make the task of cleaning easier. It has a loop at the end to make it easier when storing the handle. It can also be stored in Vikan wall bracket, so it is off the floor and out of the way of your staff. This ensures good hygiene practice and extends the handle life. The handle is telescopic making it ideal for cleaning harder to reach areas such as walls and ceilings. Because it is extendable, it reduces health and safety risks as it makes them easier to reach without steps.
The aluminium handle is sold separately.

Product features

  • 24mm Hard bristles
  • Ideal for heavily soiled areas
  • Halal & Kosher compliant
  • Colour coded so can be matched to your colour coded cleaning system


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