Beer Line Cleaning Kit for perfect pints every time

All the essential bar and cellar cleaning equipment to get you 'beer-perfect'


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Are you pouring perfect pints every time? Are you getting the best yields from your beers?

Are you ‘beer-ready’ to serve perfect pints? Take stock of the hygiene condition of your cellar, beer lines, glassware and bar equipment – in fact, all aspects that affect beer quality. SAVE £5.00 with this Beer Line Cleaning kit that gives you the essentials to effectively re-set your beer dispense system.

Your customers are looking for great value-for-money and a guaranteed great quality pint. There never was time for ‘average’ but if ever there was a time for your customers to demand perfection, it’s now.

With that in mind we’ve selected the absolute must-haves to get your draught system in great shape and have squeezed them into this money-saving kit. It includes 10 sachets of Desana MAX CL (our most powerful colour change beer line cleaner) which make up 100 litres of cleaning solution; a 250ml TM70 sanitising spray to neutralise any bacteria on your cellar equipment (and key customer touch points in your bar); a round keg brush for cleaning cellar equipment; 2 nozzle brushes (what’s the point in cleaning your lines to this level of perfection and then not address the condition of your beer taps!) –  and MORE – all in a kit of great support tools – all worth over £35!

Your Beer Line Cleaning Kit contains:

Product features

  • 10 sachets Desana MAX CL 70g colour change beer line cleaner (makes up approx 100 Litres of cleaning solution)
  • 250ml TM70 ethanol based sanitising spray, effective at killing 99.99% of bacteria and envelope viruses such as coronavirus
  • 1 keg brush, to clean couplers, sockets, keg spears and other cellar equipment
  • 1 Avani bucket 6 Litre - ideal shape for use in the bar as it sits on most drip trays and white background is essential for use with colour change chemical
  • 2 Litmus booklets (40 sheets in total) to ensure lines are clear of chemical before connecting to beer
  • 1 pair nitrile safety gloves for use when handling chemical
  • 2 nozzle brushes with soft ends to clean nozzles and sparklers and tapered to get into screw threads
  • 1 Avani colour chart with usage instructions for Desana MAX CL
  • 1 step-by-step instruction leaflet


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Watch our Snippet on how to clean beer nozzles.


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