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Desana VERIFY 2 x 5L Beer Line Cleaner Concentrate

The most powerful, intelligent purple beer line cleaner in the UK


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Desana VERIFY. Powerful, intelligent purple beer line cleaner to buy online at £13.23 per 5 Litre canister. Take control of beer quality!

Don’t just go through the motions of cleaning your beer lines or guess when you think they’re clean. Desana VERIFY is the ONLY beer line cleaner that can give you ACCURATE colour feedback about the state of each of your lines.

How do you know if your lines are clean? Without accurate colour verification you’ll know you have a problem when it’s too late. That will be when you are losing money on waste beer, when quality is less than perfect and when products that should be making you money are starting to cost you.

You’ll probably already have an idea about which beer lines are harder to clean than others – they’re probably the ones that are already losing you money. Desana VERIFY takes away all the guesswork. You’ll be able to see with pinpoint accuracy where more cleaning is needed, and where it isn’t – that way you can spend valuable time on areas of your dispense system that will benefit most.

NOW even more powerful – used by Technical Services to do deep cleans on heavily soiled lines.

How do you buy Desana VERIFY? Buy direct HERE or contact us for information about your local distributors.

Bottle size:
5L concentrate (Sold in cases 2 x 5 LITRE)

Always use PPE when handling chemicals



  • Surfactant-free formulation that disinfects with Active Chlorine
  • Efficient and intelligent cleaning verifies hygiene levels with ACCURATE colour change technology
  • Proven superior cleaning power via independent studies and approved by leading international brewers and manufacturers

Product benefits

  • Reliable and accurate colour change - no guesswork required!
  • Quick rinsing
  • No colour drop-out in water bottles or lines
  • Control in your hands


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