Desana MAX CL 35g Sachets (SMALL)

Mini rocket fuel for beer line cleaning and removal of biofilm


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An extremely effective beer line cleaner designed to remove stubborn biofilm and organic residues, and deep-clean old systems – when nothing else can.

It’s chlorine-based formulation with colour verification means that tough cleaning tasks are far easier and quicker. On top of this, you also know when you’ve done a great job because of the uniquely accurate colour change.

The formulation packs a punch with up to 10 times more cleaning power than conventional liquid off-the-shelf beer line cleaning chemicals.

Each sachet makes 4.5 litres of solution, which makes it ideal for cleaning single lines, using a 5L wash bottle.

Sachet Size:
35g (produces up to 4.5 litres of solution)

Case Size:
16 sachets

Product features

  • Surfactant-free formulation that disinfects with Active Chlorine
  • Registered as an 'active substance' according to EU-Biocidal Regulations
  • Single dose powder sachets
  • Powder dissolves quickly and easily
  • Fast-acting removal of soiling
  • Efficient and intelligent cleaning verifies hygiene levels with PURPLE-GREEN colour change technology
  • Proven superior cleaning power via independent studies and approved by leading international brewers and manufacturers

Product benefits

  • Excellent rescue product for deep cleaning and for removing heavy polyphenol layers (hop resin)
  • Accurate dosing assures the user of a quality and cost-effective clean
  • Easy to ship, store and handle
  • Save time and water due to quick rinsing
  • Excellent hygiene controls - purple genuinely means clean!


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