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Reliable and accurate fast-acting test strips


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Reliable and accurate fast-acting test strips provide peace of mind when rinsing chemicals from beverage dispense systems

What is your current method of testing for beer line cleaner?

If you pull through a couple of extra line-lengths of water ‘just to make sure’ the lines are clear of chemical, congratulations on acting responsibly and putting your customers’ safety first – but you’re potentially wasting vast amounts of water, and money.

If you put your fingers into the rinse water to test for that telltale silky smooth feel, then you’re damaging your skin – and there’s another way which is far more reliable, and SAFE!

pH 0-14 test strips can be used to test levels of acid as well as alkaline content in rinse water.

Test rinse water using non-bleed pH test strips by matching against the pH of your tap water. It is easy, quick and entirely fail-safe.

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  • Durable plastic strips
  • Easy interpretation
  • Reliable measurements
  • Measures acid as well as alkaline levels
  • Non-bleeding dye pads avoid solution contamination
  • Can be stored unopened for 2 years out of sunlight


Yes - we can't imagine how your team can learn otherwise. It's always best to learn on your own equipment.
Allow 5.5 hours for the workshop. We work flexibly with you to find the right time to accommodate the training. Of course, the learning continues long after the workshop has concluded... ;-)
It costs £650 + VAT including all materials. So, with 8 people on the workshop, that's about £80 per person.
Visit the Beerista training page for full details.
There are two sorts of purple beer line cleaner;
  1. those that are 'intelligent' and change colour in accordance with the amount of contamination in a beer line,
  2. and those that are imitation beer line cleaners with a purple or blue dye - this second category do not change colour and are liable to mislead the user into thinking their beer lines are clean.
Desana VERIFY and MAX powders are the most powerful, accurate and reliable 'intelligent' colour-change chemicals, allowing an extremely thorough cleaning result. Less reliable chemicals can give false readings.
8 is a good group size, but the main constraint is the size of your bar and cellar. We need to get everyone into the cellar or behind the bar safely. Think also about the multiplier effect of having more people on the training. We find that management teams tend to restrict access to training and this massively slows down any implementation of learning, and prevents the very cultural changes that they are looking to achieve through training.
Always add a measured amount of chemical to less than the full quantity of clean water needed. Mix in the chemical by adding the remaining water. For full training on the safe handling of beer line cleaning chemical at point of use, see the Beerista workshop. Always wear PPE.
From our website, click the link to go directly to buy Desana VERIFY.


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