Vikan Detail Brush

Stiff, angled polyester filaments for easier cleaning into corners & narrow areas


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Trying to reach those small hard to get places in your bar or cellar can sometimes be an impossible task! But now you can effectively clean around gaskets, rubber strips, joints on machinery, corners & narrow areas with this compact Vikan Detail Brush.
The narrow brush head allows for easier access to narrow areas and the stiff and angled polyester filaments help you to get into those dark corners.

The Vikan detail brush is designed to be durable, hard-wearing, and comfortable to use. The handle is designed to provide good support for your index finger with its plane upper side of the handle. It is also part of the EDGE product series which provides a more comfortable grip for the user with its defined lines.
The rounded edges of the brush handle make it extremely hygienic as there are no corners for the dirt to hide in.
There is also a handy hole on the end of the handle which means it can be hung up on your Vikan wall bracket and stored out of the way. This will prevent your Vikan detail brush from being misplaced, broken, or made dirty in between cleans.

Always ensure that your Vikan detail brush is cleaned, disinfected, and sterilised as appropriate before and after use. This will minimise the risk of microbial growth, cross-contamination and will maximise the efficiency and durability of your brush. By hanging it on the wall bracket after, you are ensuring that it remains as clean as possible after each use.

Product features

  • Easy to use
  • Access those hard to reach narrow areas
  • Meets FDA & EU food contact regulations
  • Durable and hard wearing with stiff and angled polyester filaments
  • Available in red, green & blue to remove the risk of cross contamination of cleaning areas and to fit into your colour coded cleaning system


Vikan Red Detail Brush

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