DesanACID 45g Sachets

A powerful acid line cleaner and descaler with disinfecting action


A powerful acid line cleaner and descaler designed to clean all kinds of water, ice and coffee dispensing systems. Breaks down oxalates during deep-cleaning procedures in beer dispensing systems. 

Sachet Size:
45g diluted in 4.5 litres of water

Case Size:
16 sachets per case


  • Effective for descaling water dispensing systems, drinking water fountains, ice cube machines, coffee machines as well as for removing oxalates (beer stone) from beer dispensing systems
  • Single dose 45g powder sachets make up 4-5L of cleaning solution
  • Powder dissolves quickly and easily
  • Fast-acting removal of scale
  • Efficient and intelligent cleaning verifies hygiene levels with PURPLE-CLEAR colour change technology


  • Tested and approved by Valpar
  • Versatile and safe to use across a variety of food-safe equipment
  • Accurate dosing assures a quality and cost-effective clean
  • Easy to ship, store and handle
  • Instant colour feedback
  • Protects and maintains equipment in an optimal state