AMICAL anti-fungal non-toxic cellar paint for clean, mold-free beer cellars 15kg

Specialist anti-fungal cellar paint inhibits re-growth


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A specialist anti-fungal non-toxic cellar paint designed to prevent the growth of beer-spoiling mold spores. For bright, clean, mold-free beer cellars. AMICAL is food safe and simple to use.

TM AMICAL is a wash-resistant acrylic dispersion paint that prevents the formation of black and red wall mold in humid production and storage facilities. Since this biocide is non-toxic, it is particularly suitable for breweries, beer cellars, malt houses, wineries, food production areas, etc. and corresponds to the requirements laid out in the Food Standards Agency EU Regulation 852.

AMICAL is designed to prevent the growth of mould and new surface-led infections that can damage beer during production and dispense.

Can be used in conjunction with AMICAL primer.

Container size:


Product features

  • Available in 7.5kg and 15kg containers
  • Can be applied by means of a roller, brush or spray gun
  • Two layers of paint are recommended to promote the micro-biocidal effect
  • Average consumption based on two coats: approx 300g/m2 for smooth surfaces; 400 - 450g/m2 for rough and absorbent surfaces

Product benefits

  • user-friendly
  • non-toxic and odour-neutral - therefore perfect for use in food production facilities
  • breathable, diffusible and highly opaque
  • contains no solvents, water-based and environmentally friendly
  • longest protection against wall mold and algae growth since the biocidal substance of TM AMICAL is not water-soluble


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