2 Litre Measuring Jug

Good sized jug for measuring chemical and bleeding fobs during line clean


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We believe cleaning your beer lines well is extremely important if you want to serve a perfect pint every time and to do this you need to have the right equipment.

Measuring out your beer line chemical before you start the line cleaning process is vital to maintaining health and safety standards and to completing a successful beer line clean every time. The clear measurements up the side of the 2 litre jug make this step much easier, allowing you to accurately measure your chemical. Using the proper concentration level of your chosen beer line cleaner is the safest and most cost-effective method when cleaning your lines (The manufacturer’s recommended concentration level can be found printed on the product).

The 2 litre jug isn’t just limited to measuring your beer line cleaner, other uses include:

  • Bleeding fobs during a line clean
  • Flushing out your lines
  • General cleaning of the fobs and backboard
  • General use in the kitchen areas
  • General use in bar areas
  • General cleaning tasks

It is recommended that the polypropylene measuring jug is cleaned thoroughly after every use and is dishwasher safe. It’s hard wearing and durable, making it great for everyday use and a variety of different tasks around your venue.

Maintaining high levels of hygiene within your cellar, beer lines and bar areas is important, and having the right tools to achieve this is key. This jug can be used with alongside the following Avani Solutions products:

  • TM Desana Verify beer line cleaner
  • Verify Quest beer line cleaner
  • Desana Max CL 70g and 35g sachets
  • Desana Max FP  90g and 45g sachets
  • Desana Acid 45g sachets
  • 50 Litre line cleaning bottle
  • Avani Keg Brush
  • Avani line cleaning bucket
  • Vikan detail brush
  • Vikan microfibre starter kit
  • Easy shine mop kit
  • Floor squeegee and bucket
  • The Avani Cellar bundle


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