Smart Gel for glassware hygiene

SMART GEL: The most sensitive glassware hygiene quick-test on the market today


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The most sensitive quick-test on the market today to identify contamination on glassware.

It is no longer necessary to rely on the far-from-accurate water break test to evaluate glassware hygiene. SMART GEL reacts with organic residues on the glass surface and gives you fast and accurate colour readings. Use to pinpoint hygiene problems at the point of dispense.

Spray SMART GEL onto the inner surface of the glass. While the gel reacts immediately with contamination, an accurate reading can be taken after 5 minutes, by which time any proteins, sugars and fats will react with the chemical to show the degree of soiling.

Pack size:
2 x 500ml spray containers


  • Visually detectable at 1-2µg/cmsq (on glucose)
  • 10 times more sensitive than ATP testing on dairy and glucose
  • Ideal for in-house hygiene checks on food preparation areas
  • Use for quick checking of bar-ware hygiene
  • Excellent instant and accurate feedback to validate cleaning efficacy
  • Active formula CONTINUES TO CLEAN
  • Rinse away with water
  • Lasts up to 3 months once mixed (depending on storage conditions)


  • Removes guesswork
  • Provides excellent visual feedback with pinpoint accuracy
  • Only a little is used at a time
  • Eliminate poor quality glassware
  • Protect your brand reputation!


Smart Gel for glassware hygiene checks

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