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High energy, practical beer quality training focussed on daily beer dispense excellence. Contact us to order your CPD accredited, ONLINE BeerWorks session and join the BeerWorks community of beer dispense professionals!

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When you find that bad habits have crept into your team, or when quality service isn’t what it should be, then training could be the answer. If skills have become rusty, or maybe you have new team members who need to get a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of beer quality – either way, BeerWorks training will give you the edge.

We deliver a high-impact 2.5hour session and cover the fundamentals of delivering great quality beer every day. We guarantee our sessions are memorable, fun and effective.

PLUS, we’ve taken that high-impact interactivity and added it to a fabulous ONLINE version to give you the ultimate flexibility to implement the training exactly when it suits you and your team members!

What we cover

  • What great beer looks like
  • How (NOT) to pour a great beer
  • Glassware RULES
  • Spotting quality issues
  • Nozzle hygiene
  • How to change a keg
  • Daily and weekly routines

Who it’s designed for

This could be a refresher training for experienced people who may have picked up a few bad habits, or part of a team-leader training session, or specialised team training.

  • Team Leaders
  • Bar managers
  • Bar team members
  • Customers of the Avani ProClean service*

To find out more, or to discuss your specific training needs, contact us! ONLINE training can be implemented within 1 working day of ordering.

* Contact us to discuss how BeerWorks works in conjunction with the Avani ProClean extended interval line cleaning service.

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