Nitrile TouchNTuff Safety Gloves

Green Nitrile, TouchNTuff single-use, powder-free gloves.

Image of Nitrile TouchNTuff Safety Gloves


Green Nitrile, single-use, powder-free gloves. TouchNTuff® gives splash resistance against hazardous chemicals

Personal protection is of critical importance when handling chemicals. We use these gloves as they are comfortable and flexible yet four times tougher than comparable latex gloves.

When cleaning beer lines and handling chemicals that can cause harm, the use of PPE is essential. TouchNTuff nitrile powder-free gloves represent quality and value-for-money.

Available in:
Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Pack Size:


  • No natural rubber proteins or powder so no risk of Type 1 allergies
  • Four times stronger than comparable natural latex equivalents
  • Unique ‘Think Nitrile Technology’ gives comfort and strong grip in wet and dry conditions


  • Protect you and your team from unnecessary risks of contact with chemical
  • Can be used by those with Type 1 allergies
  • Available in a range of sizes

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