Clearoxid 20g Handy Sterilising Sachets PROMO PACK

Clearoxid 20g x 5 Sterilising Sachets with FREE SPRAY BOTTLE

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Handy and effective single dose cleaner and sanitizer designed to tackle surface contamination via a spray, or added to water dispense systems and ice machines to destroy bacteria. 

PROMO PACK CONTAINS: Clearoxid sachets x 5 + FREE spray bottle

TM CLEAROXID is formulated in accordance with EU biocidal legislation, BS 1276 and promises a germ reduction rate of 99.99% within 5 minutes. For virus elimination, allow 15 minutes of contact time.

Designed for use with:
• Spray disinfection of surfaces, including those made with acrylic or plastic
• Cleaning of water dispensers
• Immersion disinfection of components, including plastic components
• Container disinfection, such as ice buckets and humidifiers
• Decalcification, eg. Coffee machines and water boilers

Once in solution, Clearoxid remains active for 4 days.

Easy to use
Easy to store
Easy to handle and dose

Sachet size:
20g (makes up to 675 mls of solution)

Product Formats:
Cartons of 16 sachets
Boxes of 5 sachets plus 1L spray bottle (PROMO PACK)
Individual 20g sachets

Product features

  • Broad spectrum sanitizer, highly effective against a wide range of viruses, bacteria and spores
  • Kills germs 10x faster than conventional disinfectants, even at colder temperatures (5 mins for bacteria, 15 mins for viruses)
  • Chlorine-free and free from phenols, aldehydes and solvents
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive and compatible with all acid-resistant surfaces including perspex
  • The mixed solution can be disposed of via the main drain and has no negative effect on sewage treatment plants