AMICAL anti-fungal non-toxic primer for clean, mold-free beer cellars

Specialist anti-fungal primer for use in beer cellars.

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A specialist anti-fungal non-toxic primer designed to prepare walls for the application of AMICAL cellar paint and to prevent the growth of beer-spoiling mold spores. For bright, clean, mold-free beer cellars. The AMICAL range is food safe and simple to use.

If using a spray application, ensure nozzles are kept clear with regular rinsing in warm water. PRIMER contains polymers which are liable to clog the nozzle if not rinsed before being allowed to dry.

AMICAL is designed to prevent the growth of mould and new surface-led infections that can damage beer during production and dispense.

Size: 10kg


  • Used to prepare walls prior to treatment with AMICAL paint
  • Extends life of paint surface, preventing re-growth of beer-spoiling mold
  • Simple to use - apply at 100%