COVID October 2020 update: Central Scotland 2-week lockdown

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Following the announcement that the central belt of Scotland including Edinburgh & Glasgow will go into a 2-week lockdown effective from 6pm Friday 9th October to Sunday 25th October 2020, we have prepared the following advice for anyone serving draft beer:

BEFORE LOCKDOWN: Ensure that all opened kegs & casks are sold through and that NO new stock is opened. Once stocks have sold through, move to selling bottled beer. Any unopened kegs/casks will be good to use once you re-open after lockdown. It is advisable to keep cellar and remote coolers on to protect the beer & ale quality.

WHAT ABOUT OPENED KEGS AND CASKS?: Any cask ales that are tapped before lockdown will be wasted by the time you re-open. For kegs, we advise you TEST each keg for clarity, aroma and taste before you serve; certainly any kegs that have already been open and on serve for a week or more are likely to have deteriorated by the end of lockdown to a state where they will not be servable.

WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR BEER LINES: Our advice is to leave your lines in beer. Under no circumstances should lines be left in water, as this can lead to costly line taints. Prior to re-opening, ensure that all lines are given a thorough line clean.

WHY DO WE ADVISE LEAVING YOUR LINES IN BEER? Our experience of working with thousands of beer lines since the last lockdown is that beer is far less damaging to lines than water. When left in beer, your challenge will be to remove the yeasts and biofilm that grow during lockdown, but when left in water you may be looking at the cost of a re-python.

For any advice or support during this time please contact us on 01638 563237 or email