How clean is your brewery?

Brewery hygiene products

Beer hygiene specialists Avani Solutions are branching out with a range of new cleaning products aimed at commercial breweries – from brewpubs to regional brewers and everyone in between.

The centrepiece of the range is a unique chlorine-free product, SMARTADD-9, that can be added to sodium hydroxide (NaOH) based cleaners to verify hygiene efficacy in tanks, pipes, heat exchangers and filling lines.

“There is no other product on the market that does this,” said Avani’s Amanda Thomson.

“Until now brewers either had to assume equipment was clean, until something bad happened to tell them otherwise, or send samples away for testing. Either approach is fraught with delays and risk. Our verification product range gives accurate hygiene feedback so brewers can be confident clean means clean.”

The concept of ‘verification-in-place’ is not entirely new. Avani Solutions has been applying a similar technology in beer dispense hygiene, with Desana VERIFY chlorine-based beer line cleaner, since they started out. Positive feedback from an increasing client base convinced them something like it would also be useful for breweries.

As well as the new hygiene verification products, Avani Solutions’ craft brewery cleaning range includes acid and alkaline cleaners and lubricants for conveyors.

Amanda adds: “We all know that brewing is something you do when you’re not cleaning, so we’ve set out to make sure brewers can maximise their time making beer because they know their cleaning processes have been efficient and effective.”