Are you Beer-Ready?

beer ready man in pub giving thumbs up with a pint

Over 30% of pubs left beer or water in the beer lines during closure

This is according to a poll conducted by Avani Solutions, the beer line cleaning specialists, who are campaigning to get licensees to “clean it like you mean it” before re-opening.

The main areas of concern they expect from this long period of forced closure are poor draught quality and taints in beer lines, where pubs have closed without shutting down the beer line systems correctly.

“There is a real threat to beer quality and equipment if water or beer have been left in beer line systems during the lockdown period” says Michael Harper, Head of Technical Sales at Avani.

“When we knew pubs were going to be closed for an extended period, we strongly advised all beer line systems were cleaned, flushed with water, and then drained. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear from our poll that a lot of pubs and bars did not do this. As a result, we are starting to see some serious issues with beer line systems, and the effect could be costly.”

He added: “If licensees think that a regular line clean will eradicate these taints and biofilm build up, they are sadly mistaken. It will result in poor quality pints being passed across the bar when we re-open, and this is a critical time for the on-trade to focus on quality. Consumers have become accustomed to bottled and canned beers, so we have to make a huge effort to make sure draught beer meets high expectations.”

Avani Solutions have been working with the UK’s brewers and brand owners to deliver first class dispense hygiene products and services since 2012. They are uniquely experienced in preparing and treating hibernated beer systems having worked with many holiday parks over the last few years.

Because of the current threat to beer quality, they have put together a ‘Beer-Ready’ kit for licensees who should “clean it like you mean it”.

Michael explains: “We thought about the absolute must-haves to getting a draught system in great shape ready for re-opening. The logical step was to put together a ‘Beer Ready’ kit which contains everything required to conduct a powerful deep clean.

But then we realised this kit would only be effective if it was used in the correct way. We decided to offer customers the chance to book a live video call with an Avani technician when they receive their kit. This will give licensees the confidence to use the kit correctly, ask questions, check over their beer system set-up and ensure the best end result”.

Avani Solutions has also put together a series of short ‘Beer Hacks’ on their Youtube channel and website with free and simple-to-follow advice on how to re-open your beer system.

“Fundamentally, we have to build consumer confidence, and making a great first impression with the best beer quality possible is an essential step to achieving this” concludes Michael.

For more information about the Avani Solutions Beer Ready kit, visit